Welcome to

Joe & Mary's Wedding

The realest "Fake" Italian wedding dinner show!!
🇨🇦 Canadian tour! 🇮🇹

Back in Montreal on Saturday November 11th 2023!!


Hors d’Oeuvres, Full course meal, unlimited wine, a full open bar before and after show,
sweet table and BIG TIME laughs! 

 VENUE: Plaza Le Rizz
6630 Rue Jarry est
St.Leonard, QC

Opening doors at: 6:30 pm
Show starts at: 7:30pm axp

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for the Montreal show will be on sale on THURSDAY JUNE 15TH!
(Limited quantities)

Expected the unexpected as our crazy Italian family will entertain you all night long with our famous interactive show! So get ready to eat, drink, dance, laugh and party with us…capish?

Be advised: This is an adult themed event so no children are permitted.
Get a babysitter! 😉

Booking a table, reservations and other questions about seating? Email us

[email protected]

NOTE: Make sure to email us if you bought a full table online (10-12 or more). Also if you bought many tickets, you will automatically be sitting together! 

Thanks and can’t wait to see you at our wedding! 
J & M